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We offer numerous chiropractic services at Psaltis Chiropractic in Rockford IL. Our doctors are skilled in techniques designed to improve nervous system function, align vertebrae, and decrease pain and dysfunction.

Rockford IL Chiropractic Adjustments

Adjustments are the most vital part of chiropractic treatment. An adjustment is a high speed, low force thrust performed by hand to move a dysfunctional joint, which is called a subluxated joint. Adjustments Can be performed to any joint in your body, but are commonly performed on your spine. Most importantly, adjustments restore proper nerve flow to your body, but they also help relieve pain and dysfunction.


Upon arrival at your first appointment an exam will be one of the first steps in assessing your spine. The doctor will perform orthopedic tests and analyze your range of motion to accurately attain a diagnosis. Chiropractors can diagnose and treat neuromusculoskeletal disorders of the body.


X-Rays are an important tool in diagnosis and chiropractic analysis of your spine. Films may be necessary on your first visit to properly visualize and treat the affected areas of your spine, but are not always necessary. The x-rays we take in our office are digital and have low radiation exposure, meaning they are state of the art and minimally expose the body. We are happy to answer any questions about our x-ray procedures that you may have.


Our doctors may prescribe exercises to you to supplement your chiropractic adjustment. Our doctors are knowledgable in which exercises will work best to support your adjustment and help you heal. Exercises are only prescribed if necessary, but they are very valuable in treating certain conditions and can help your adjustments hold longer.

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